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New tumblr ^-^

So lovely followers, I created a new tumblr with the same name as the one I had for this tumblr before.

I’m having a hard-ish time in finding ppl to follow and such… so feel free to follow me there and i’ll be more than glad to follow you back of course! ;-; ♥

On that blog i’ll be posting all the new gifs i create, aside from my drawings and other stuff I reblog. Also, i’ll be posting stuff regarding my trip to Korea next week~

- Bianca ♥

click click... bang bang

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I can’t put my feelings into words. 

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taehyung talking about predebut days and how no one knew he existed but he was there all along ;;

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kpopfantasywriter: Can you please tell me where this is from? Is this a Power performance? /post/44113779027